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We are currently SELLING the following parts:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Fujitsu FC9512CRF2I08 Fujitsu OAM &
NewBridge 90218931E Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 TDS3
Cisco Model: 7600SSC400 Cisco 1X F/S
Nortel NTGZ7090
Nortel NTGY70BB
Cisco WSC2960XR48TSI original new, clean serial, full warranty
Sonus Networks PNA30 Sonus GSX9000HD Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Nortel NTGY10DA
Not Listed Model: OTHER IC chips are new virgin chips. Original name brand with date and trace codes. Packaged in original trays, reels and tubes depending on chip. My stock list has over 300 lines and 45510 IC chips
Adtran ADTRANSMART16SHELF Adtran Smart 16 Shelf with 16 T1 ESF CSU Controller PS dual power supply Adtran T1 ESF CSU 1 -2F Smart 16 Card and several other slots are filled mint condition not ran down at all
Cisco Model: SPA2GE7304 Cisco 1X
Cisco Model: 3D7030 Sourcefire IPS Security Appliance Cisco (2 units used conditon needing an offer)
Cisco 1545440EMXPC Model: 1545440EMXP Cisco
Sonus Networks PNS30 Sonus GSX9000HD Single Port Gigabit Ethernet Server
Sonus Networks PNA10 Sonus Networks GSX9000 4-Port 100BaseT Adapter
Nortel NTGY92AA
Sonus Networks CNS31 Sonus GSX9000 1-Port T3 Server Module
NewBridge 90359812C Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 DSC
Cisco WSC2960XR24TSI original new, clean serial, full warranty
Fujitsu FC9512WS11 Fujitsu OC-192 Transponder # nm)
Gnodal GX1030102 Model: GS0018 Gnodal Ethernet Switch, , 18 x 40GbE, Dual PSU
Alcatel 3CM03508CX
Nextone MSW Nextone Session Border Controllers (Genband S3) – Redundant Pairs of SBC’s – Various number of VPORTS
Fujitsu FC9565S9B1 CLEI: WOTRAPY
FORTINET FML3000CE02SBDL Fortinet FortiMail-3000C Comprehensive Messaging Security
Sonus Networks CNA07 Sonus GSX9000HD High Density OC3/STM1 Optical Circuit Standby Adapter
Lucent 3DB18194ACAA
Nortel NTDV42AA
Nortel NTGS4993
Lucent LNW59 OC192
Nortel NTPB15AB
Nortel NTGS0188E5
NewBridge 90359912 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 HUB
Lucent TN335E12 Lucent 5ESS Channel Unit E5PQ51L1XX
Acme Electric NETNET9200 Acme Packet NN9200 Net-Net Session Director, 32,000 sessions; v7.0 firmware, more info
NewBridge 90366901E Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 MAINSTREET POWER SUP
Lucent AWR2CS11
Cisco MCS7835H2B0 Model: AH511A Cisco MCS 7835 X5140 2.33 2GB 2 x 72GB
Net Optics LAIL4LX4SFP Net Optics GigaBit LX to SFP Singlemode In-Line Link Aggregator Tap
Cisco PWR4000DC like new, very good condition
Cisco Model: ASACSC20RMA Cisco 1X K9 F/S
Cisco Model: SPA1XTENGEXFP Cisco 1X = F/S
Lucent KS24671L3 P2PAMS
Tellabs 816400DS3EC1HD
Super Micro Model: SSEX24SR SuperMicro 10G Ethernet Switches (2) of them used and working
Sonus Networks CNA60 Sonus Networks GSX9000HD 3T3 Server Adapter Card – Rear Card
Nortel NTGY30AA
NewBridge 90490701K Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 Peripheral Shelf
Avaya 700417207 Model: IP500V1 Avaya Cabinet
Lucent AKM56S2
Nortel NTLX03AB
Sonus Networks CNS60 Sonus Networks GSX9000HD 3T3 Server Board Card – Front Card
Nortel NTHR12BA
Nortel NTDV55AA
NewBridge 90056801 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 E1-75 Ohm LIM Module
Nortel NTGZ82AA
Nortel NTDV41CA
Cisco Model: 1545410GXR CISCO – . a few to sell
Avaya Model: G650 Avaya ’s with Dual power supplies (no cards installed) total of 9 units. Offer needed
Nortel NTBX80CA Model: UT620F ATI ISDN NT1 NetworkTermination
Fujitsu FC9525S020 Fujitsu Dispersion Compensation Module for E-LEAF -200 ps/nm@C-B
Sun Micro 3001845 Sun 400W DC Input Power Supply Netra 240/Netra 440
Cisco Model: 1545440SMR2C Cisco 1X = F/S
Avaya 700381585 Model: 2420
Sonus Networks CNS30 Sonus GSX9000 1-Port T3 Server – Front Card
Polycom Model: MGC50 Polycom unit/chassis w/blades
Cisco CISCO1841 Original , have lots
Lucent TN335E55 Lucent 5ESS Channel Unit E5PQ51YAAA
NewBridge 90472401 Newbridge Mainstreet 36170 M/S TRAFFIC SHAPING MDL
Fujitsu FC9525HUB1I03 Fujitsu Management Complex Inf
Nortel NTHR10AB
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