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We are currently BUYING the following parts:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Nortel NT0H41AB
Allworx 9224 Allworx IP phones black Refurb
Nortel NT6X40DA
Cisco WSC296048PSTL
NEC 80041 Model: ASTU NEC DS2000 80/160 8-Port Analog Station Card
Nortel NTK586AAE5
Nortel NTLX44AA
Nortel NT0450AG
Allied Telesyn AT8100S16F8SC10
Lucent AKM85
Nortel NT5C07AB Rectifer Can use AB or AC
Inter-Tel 5508560 OOS, working Inter-tel 8560 Large display Phone. Excellent condition only
Alcatel 3AL79178AC
Lucent NTNY45FA
Nortel NT8E01MF
Allworx 9212 Allworx IP phones black Refurb
Nortel NTK583AAE6
Nortel NTN433HA
Nortel NTNY30CA
Avaya 6408DGREY 6408 D yellow buttons ok NO floppy displays
Nortel NTCA30FK
Nortel NTC804AA
NEC 80040 Model: ASTU NEC DS2000 80/160 4-Port Analog Station Card
Inter-Tel 9000367 Model: INT4000 Inter-tel cordless phones Refurbished, Complete with belt clip
Tellabs 815595AREVK
Alcatel 1550500080
Lucent 106492267
Alcatel 6952372309
Lucent 739B4
Allied Telesyn AT8100S16F8SC10
ESI 50000354 Model: ESISMALL ESI Digital Cordless Phone –please let me know what you have available Small or Large
Marconi 4100323
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